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Clickit LED Pro – Rechargeable LED lamp

  • LED lamp with bright white light in 6K
  • Slim design, lightweight, wireless, magnetic and can be used anywhere
  • Built-in motion sensor detects up to 3M away
  • Energy-saving automatic shut-off function prevents emptying
  • Magnetic fasteners for easy removal and replacement of the lamp
  • Perfect for drawers, cupboards, stairs, under cupboards and all other dark places in the house
  • Can also be used as a flashlight or for permanent lighting
  • After charging with the supplied USB cable, the lamp works for 2 hours
  • Built-in rechargeable fast-charge lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 25x4x1 cm

The Clickit Led Pro, a rechargeable LED lamp

Are you looking for a wireless, rechargeable super powerful LED lamp? Then the Clickit Led Pro from Orange Donkey is the lamp you are looking for. The lamp is energy-saving, rechargeable with a USB cable and can be used perfectly as cabinet lighting or a flashlight. With the Clickit Pro you have light wherever you want.

LED lamp with motion sensor

This cabinet lighting has a handy sensor that detects movement and switches on automatically when this happens. In addition, the lamp also has an automatic switch-off function. This means you no longer have to switch off the lamp yourself. Very handy and durable, because you no longer have to remember to turn off the lamp, this happens automatically! The lamp has 3 positions, on, off and auto. Turn on the auto mode if you want to use the motion sensor. The lamp then turns on when movement is detected and then turns off automatically.

Rechargeable magnetic cabinet light

Another advantage of the lamp is that you do not have to change batteries. The Clickit Led Pro is rechargeable using a USB cable (included). When the lamp is fully charged, it lasts up to 2 hours. Moreover, the lamp can be attached anywhere. Think of in your wardrobe, in the bathroom or kitchen drawers, under the kitchen cabinets, on the stairs and all other dark places in your home. You can easily hang the lamp with the supplied magnets. Thanks to this easy hanging option, you can easily remove the lamp and place it back to charge. The Clickit Pro is super slim, super bright, magnetic, rechargeable and easy to use. In short, the ideal LED lamp for various purposes.

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