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Cozy Boots & Cozy Eyes – Warm or Cold Slippers and Eye Mask

  • Warm and cool slippers and eye mask set
  • 100% natural filling of flax seeds, clay beads and lavender
  • Warm & toasty in winter and cool & fresh in summer
  • Slippers and eye mask provide soft, natural comfort and long-lasting warmth to support circulation
  • Weighted for extra comfort and support
  • Suitable for the microwave, refrigerator and freezer
  • Unisex design and adjustable: one size fits all
Warmth and cool Cozy Boots slippers

Do you suffer from sore feet after a long day of work, cold feet when you sit on the couch, or too hot feet in the summer? With the Cozy Boots slippers that is a thing of the past. These slippers offer the ultimate in relaxation, keeping your feet warm and toasty in the winter and cool and fresh in the summer.

Microwave slippers for heat relaxation

The secret is that you can put the slippers in the microwave to warm up and in the fridge and freezer if you want a cooling effect. The natural filling of linseed and clay beads the temperature for an extra long time. Experience the wonderfully relaxed warmth or cooling through your feet throughout the body. In addition, it also contains lavender. The lavender gives a wonderful scent that ensures that you can relax optimally.

The slippers have a unisex design and are fully adjustable to your shoe size. In addition, they are made of an ultra-soft premium plush, they have a non-slip bottom and they are equipped with a cord with which you can connect the slippers so that no heat or cooling is lost.

Cozy Eyes sleeping mask with lavender

And that’s not all, because if you order the Cozy Boots now you also get the Cozy Eyes. This eye mask is made of the same materials and has the same relaxing properties.

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