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VibroShaper Fitness Plate

Original price was: €249.90.Current price is: €199.90.

Do you also have the good intention to exercise more, but do you quickly get it in the evening because you are so tired from the whole day? Don’t worry, we have the solution. With the VibroShaper Fitness Vibration Plate you can combine training your muscles with an evening on the couch in a relaxed way!

It does not matter whether you are standing, sitting or lying down, place your feet on the vibration plate and the training starts. Vibrations are sent to your muscles through your feet. The vibrations ensure that your muscles have to contract each time. This creates an effective training that can be compared to a running training or a fitness workout. The intensity of the VibroShaper ensures that your muscles contract up to 50 times per second!

With three pre-programmed training programs and up to 99 intensity levels, the training can be completely adjusted to your own wishes and preferences. In addition, you also get 2 elastic resistance bands so you can train your arms and shoulders. The VibroShaper fitness vibration plate also takes the pressure off the joints, so you don’t have to worry about overloading your tendons.

Train your body completely fit again in no time thanks to the VibroShaper – and without too much effort!

The VibroShaper package consists of:

  • VibroShaper fitness vibration plate
  • 2 elastic resistance bands
  • Remote control
  • Diet plan

Please note: the VibroShaper is not suitable for people over 120 kilos.

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