10 Whiskey Stones and Tongs Set with Gift Box

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A relaxing whisky on the rocks is something many of us enjoy, but what happens when your ice-cubes begin to melt and dilute the flavour of your drink? You’re left with the option to either rush your drink, or risk ruining the taste of the whisky over time. The Savisto Whisky Stones are the must-have substitute for ice-cubes to solve this issue.

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The 10 smooth, granite stones come in a neat box with a plush storage bag and stainless steel tongs, making them great as a gift idea for another, or just as a treat to yourself.  Once frozen for 2 – 4 hours, the artificial cubes gently chill the whisky, without sacrificing any of its characteristics. Thanks to the round edged design, you needn’t worry about scratches or damage to glass; and once you’re done with them, simply wash the reusable cubes and place back in the freezer until next required.

Included in the box

10 x Reusable Granite Whisky Stones

1 x Stainless Steel Tongs

1 x Storage Bag

Weight10 kg


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