Aqua Rug


Aqua Rug carpets your shower or bath for comfort, hygiene and safety


Mould and Stain Resistant
Dries immediately
Lays over drain – water flows straight through
Also use as a loofah for your feet

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Step into the shower or bath and experience the soft, thick, between the-toes luxury of the new Aqua Rug. Its deep-pile feel-good factor is due to a specially formulated material that lets water drain straight through, resists stains and repels mould and mildew. Drip a drop of shower gel on the surface of the aqua mat and it’s like a loofah for your feet. 

The non-slip backing makes sure it stays safely in place and no matter how many showers you and the family take it won’t fade or wear out. Which makes this aqua bath mat an everyday luxury that’s also fantastic value for money. Bath measures; L75xW44xH2.5cm, Shower; L47xW47xH2.5cm.

Weight 10 kg


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