Canada Green Grass Seed

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Canada Green amazing grass seed mixture
Gives you a lusher thicker lawn
Sprout super fast in as little as 14 days
Transforms tired lawns, grows in difficult places

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Canada Green helps your lawn:

To survive in scorching heat, drought, freezing cold & even under snow.
To resist wear-and-tear from children, pets,& heavy foot traffic.
To resist insects, diseases, & choke out unsightly weeds.
Spread fast to grow green and hardy in just 14 days.
To end bare spots, stops erosion.

A hardy mixture of grass seed varieties which have been blended to provide a beautiful lush green lawn.
A proven mixture throughout the USA & Canada is now available in Ireland

Grass mixture in each pack:
60% Creeping Red Fescue,

25% Perennial Rye Grass
15% Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass.

Weight 10 kg
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