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Core 15 – Core Workout in 15 Minutes (Save €40.00)


Core 15 is the latest home fitness equipment to allow you train your stomach, back, and legs.
The bonus workout chart will show you how to firm up your arms, chest, abs, legs and buns.
Exercising with the Core 15 helps to make your body become more flexible and mobile.
You will notice a difference after a short while as your muscles become stronger and you have more energy.

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How does the Core 15 fitness machine work?
The core training of the Core 15 uses 360-degree rotation that ensures that your muscles constantly tighten. It forces you to use your muscles constantly as they have to keep working to accommodate the movements of the device. Smuggling is not an option, because your muscles are constantly being challenged. They get stronger and you improve your fitness.

A varied full-body training
With the Core 15 you do exercises that strengthen your abdominal, back, and leg muscles. Choose a simple, seated workout that works the abs immediately. As the Core 15 rotates, the correct muscle groups will be engaged for the best results. Or try the half plank or full-body plank position for a more intense full-body workout in up to 15 minutes per day.

The Core 15 technology and high-tech programmed training intervals are designed to train the abs, back muscles and leg muscles with just 1 push of a button. With the included training schedule you get all the variety from the Core 15 with different positions for every fitness level.

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