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Eco-friendly Flexi Curve Rockwall Border Edging


A very versatile product that can be shaped to fit the curves of your garden, offering great flexibility

Comes with installation spikes for effortless installation

Tyres that would otherwise be sent to landfill are turned into attractive, functional products that are also environmentally friendly

Suitable for use all your round, it can be left outside in any weather and will not be adversely affected by harsh conditions

An extremely durable product made from recycled rubber that won’t crack or break

The innovative Flexi Curve Border is ideal for adding a modern feel to your flowerbeds and patches. It can be used to create a border that bends along with the natural shape of your garden without the arduous, time-consuming process of installing real stones.

The Flexi Curve Border has been specially designed to curve to the shape of your garden, seamlessly following your flowerbeds and any areas that require borders. The border will bend up to 12 inches between the two centre spike holes and can easily be cut to size using a saw. It comes with installation spikes which are secured through the border and there are also pre-cut central holes to allow the spikes to be secured easily. Available in an attractive earth colour with rock wall effect, this border will add interest to any outside space.

Constructed from recycled rubber tyres that would otherwise have gone to landfill, this innovative garden border is not only hard-wearing and durable, but environmentally friendly too. Suitable for all weathers, it won’t crack or break, even in extreme weather conditions.

The Flexi Curve Border is both decorative and functional and is sure to add interest to any garden. It is also environmentally friendly as well as practical.

Dimensions: H9 x W120 x D5cm
Weight: 4.5kg
Made from recycled rubber

Eco-friendly Flexi Curve Rockwall Border Edging (G3016)

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