• Cordless; Powerful 20-volt lithium-ion battery, no cords to get tangled up in


    • Compatible; Uses the same battery as the whole 20-volt Garden Gear range


    • Lightweight; It weighs only 2 kilograms making it easy to use for all


    • Effective; Creating fine soil will help with the growth of your plants


    • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee



Garden Gear 20V Cordless Tiller


Prepare the soil ready for gardening this season and save yourself the back-breaking work of digging with this powerful cordless tiller by Garden Gear. Great for digging holes, levelling ground, clearing weeds, working in fertiliser and preparing furrows for sowing.

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Innovatively designed with the user in mind, this multifunctional tiller features two separate easy grip handles, making manoeuvring the machine simple with minimal effort, ensuring the exact patch of soil you want to till is reached without damaging the surrounding area. The extremely powerful motor drives a robust and sturdy blade through even the toughest ground with ease, ensuring your garden or allotment soil is at its peak, to encourage plant, crop and vegetable growth.

Whether you need to level an area, prepare new ground for planting or just generally break up the soil surface in your borders, this tiller will handle most soil types and will do the job in half the time of conventional tools. This tiller will give you up to 7cm cutting depth, the more passes you make, the finer and lighter the soil granules become.

This cordless tiller comes with the battery and charger.

Tiller: L94.5-124 x W20 x H34cm 
Weight: 2.16kg
Blade: Diameter 155 x H2.7mm
Weight: 0.7kg

Weight 10 kg
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