Medically Approved Mains Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier


Our Hearing Amplifier is made to the highest standard and is medically approved. With adjustable volume, you will be able to hear the slightest whisper, indoors or out. Lightweight, convenient and comfortable, the amplifier fits descretely behind your ear for all day use.



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At the end of the day, simply return the amplifier to it’s charging base to recharge for it’s next use. Offering the peace of mind of knowing the device can be easily and economically replaced, the amplifier is supplied with a choice of 3 ear plugs, cleaning brush and charging station.
Lightweight, convenient and comfortable • Class IIa medically approved device made to the highest standard • Fits discretely behind the ear for use all day • Adjustable volume with sound output of 130dB and gain of 50dB • Covers frequencies from 300Hz to 4,000Hz • Supplied with 3 ear plugs, cleaning brush and charging unit.
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