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Mini Duster


  • Revolutionary system with several flexible nozzles
  • Easily clean the smallest nooks and crannies
  • Wireless design
  • Easy to use

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My Lil Duster makes dust and crumbs disappear with the greatest of ease! This mini hand vacuum cleaner has a unique design with multiple, flexible nozzles so that even the most difficult to reach places are no longer a challenge.

This small, cordless hand vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to use. The revolutionary design with multiple flexible nozzles ensures that you can easily reach everything. Drawers, blinds, cracks and holes: for the My Lil Duster, these places are no challenge! Do you want to vacuum up some bigger dirt? Use the mini hand vacuum cleaner without an attachment.

With My Lil Duster you don’t give dust and crumbs a chance!

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