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One Button Radio (INXOBR1)


Our new One Button Analogue Radio is the ideal solution for people with memory problems or dementia, those with poor coordination, dexterity problems, or partially sighted people who find operating standard radios difficult or confusing.

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Key Features

  • Easy one button operation
  • Retro familiar style
  • Battery operated or mains powered
  • USB port to play your favourite music

The One Button Radio – Now Back in Stock! Our best selling one button radio.

We all have a favourite radio station or a favourite radio DJ. The One Button Radio is a one button solution to get the radio station you love when you want, with no fuss.

All too often people with dementia can become bored, withdrawn, sad and depressed due to a lack of stimulation. Music is a simple, effective and fun way to reduce these feelings.

“It’s a brilliant way for your loved one to listen to their favourite radio stations and music, in any room of the home, at a volume level that suits them.” – Daphne, Professional Carer

Simply press the large button on the top to turn it on or off, removing any of the confusion associated with too many buttons. Easily use the large retro knobs to set the volume and station.

There is also a USB port, which can be used to play music of your choosing. Although please note, while the USB is connected, you cannot use the front plate to hide the buttons.

Comes with a 12-month warranty. Can be used with 6 x 1.5v C batteries

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