Stainless Steel Daylight Lamps


Simulates natural sunlight

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There’s nothing better than natural sunlight to brighten up your home and your mood, but when the nights draw in early this isn’t always possible.

Now thanks to our range of special daylight lamps, you can enjoy that same clean bright natural sunlight effect all year round. It can even make you feel happier and drive away those winter blues. The flicker-free light also helps reduce eyestrain, making it the perfect light for reading and long periods of studying. With a clearer brighter light, it’s great for hobbies such as needlework, model making and painting, helping to make colours more true to life while improving contrast.
• Clear, bright flicker-free light – spreads light with virtually no eye strain
• Stronger colours – colours are more vivid and true to life
• Sharper detail – visibility is accentuated
• Better contrast – black and white contrast is heightened for easier reading
• Energy saving bulbs last up to 5x longer than other bulbs
• Brightens your mood

Day Light Table Lamp
Dimensions: Height: 38cm, Base Width: 22cm
Brushed stainless steel

Day Light Floor Lamp
Dimensions: Height: 125cm, Base Width: 23cm
Brushed stainless steel

Weight10 kg
Sizes & Colour.

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