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2-1 Window Cleaner


  • 2-in-1 Window squeegee with telescopic handle
  • Microfiber cloth for soaping the window and a squeegee for drying
  • Press the button and the head can be rotated 180°, so you can easily put it in the desired angle
  • Gives streak-free and glossy results
  • Suitable for cleaning windows, mirrors, tiles and more
  • Ergonomic working thanks to the long handle and lightweight design
  • Telescopic handle with a total length of 130 cm

Easy window cleaning, who wouldn’t want that? With this 2-in-1 window wiper, you can clean all windows streak-free. With the microfiber cloth you can clean the windows and frames thoroughly and easily and with the squeegee you can pull them dry without streaks. Moreover, you can easily reach everything with this window cleaner, because it is equipped with an extra-long handle.

Window wiper with handle

You often need a ladder or step to clean your windows. This can sometimes also lead to dangerous situations if the step is not stable.  This way you can easily clean high windows and conservatories. In addition, the head can be rotated 180 degrees, so that you can reach every hard-to-reach corner.

2-in-1 window wiper set

The wiper set can be used for both window cleaning and drying. Cleaning is done with the microfiber cover. The advantage of the microfibre cloth is that it is super-absorbent so that the dirt is easily released, even stubborn dirt. With the window squeegee, made of high-quality rubber, you ensure a streak-free surface on glass, tiles and mirrors.

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